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Barasti Summer Tent

Barasti Summer Tent

2015 - 2016

Structures: Maxiform, Pagoda/Marquee System & Custom Fabrication

Barasti Beach Bar is known for being one of Dubai's most vibrant and renowned entertainment locations. Used as both a day and evening venue, its location doesn't come without challenges during Dubai's tough Summer heat.

In 2015 and subsequently 2016, we were asked to create a temporary structure that would cover as much of the exposed middle bar area as possible, causing the least disruption to the daily operation of the bar. The aim was to create maximum floor space to maintain a high footfall capacity. As with any busy nightspot, the bar attracts large quantities of guests within very close proximity, and so it was important that this area was temperature controlled and spacious, as well as maintaining the beach vibe that Barasti is known for.

We worked with an overseas manufacturer to design a 30m X 40m maxiform structure that would slip perfectly into the areas needed to create a seamless temporary structure. To accentuate the stunning location and specifically maintaining the view out over the Gulf, a glass structure was the perfect solution.

Working in such a popular and bustling location provided many challenges, but we thoroughly enjoyed tackling this project in order to produce exactly what the client was looking for. We had to work around permanent underground utilities, as well as unconventional building shapes and built-in furniture, which is why a custom build was the obvious choice.

The result was a seasonal outdoor Maxiform venue that is able to function as an indoor location during the hottest months of the year, continuing to take revenue from what would otherwise be an unused area. We look forward to continuing to work beside them to design temporary structure solutions.

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