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Mamemo Majlis

Mamemo Majlis


Multideck, Interiors & Custom Fabrication

In the run-up to the holy month of Ramadan in 2015, we were approached by events company Mamemo, who had a clear vision to create a double story majlis structure at the Four Seasons Dubai Hotel. This structure would become a luxurious space for high capacity lavish iftar and suhoor celebrations.

As the client had a defined intention for the structural and aesthetic concept, we focussed all of our efforts on the development of a double decked structure, this being our first time constructing over multiple levels for a Ramadan set up.

We were extremely excited to begin work on this project, overcoming many challenges including working alongside other contractors who were relying on the structure to be complete within a limited time frame. Access to the venue was difficult, with a restricted area in which to build the substantial temporary structure, however with the use of our skilled inhouse team and some innovative thinking, we were able to get the structure in place within the time period required, making full use of the space and lining the structure to the highest possible quality.

The result was a very special iftar and suhoor space inside and out, stepping away from its competitors by the addition of the light and relaxing lounge on the upper-deck. This project did not feel like a temporary structure, but a permanent extension of the Hotel's ballroom.

Guests even had the added bonus of a great view as we used glass overlooking the beautiful gardens, the perfect setting for religious celebration. The client received their vision in physical form, and were extremely pleased with the outcome.

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