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Atco World Final Series - PSA Squash in Dubai

Atco World Final Series - PSA Squash in Dubai

June 2018

Location: Emirates Golf Club
Structures: 30x40m Neptunus Evolution
Services Included: Customised Flooring

In June 2018, Wicked outfitted the Emirates Golf Club with the Neptunus Evolution space to hold the PSA Squash Tournament. Our company is the first to introduce the innovative structure of Dutch design to the Middle Eastern market. The Neptunus Evolution uses a patented self-hoist system that eliminates the need for the use of cranes in construction.

The 1,200m2 tent, which included a full-size squash court and raised seating to fit the 500 individuals attending the tournament, was constructed in merely 6 days thanks to Wicked’s highly trained and experienced crew, who worked alongside AV and scaffolding suppliers to complete the project in a quick and timely fashion.

While the Neptunus’ unique technology makes for an efficient construction process, the challenge in this project manifested in the special modifications needed to accommodate the tournament. Custom flooring was created and installed in the Neptunus Evolution tent to match the standards and requirements of a professional squash court. In addition, floor sections were removed to make room for the scaffolding needed to create the raised spectator seating.

The venue, with its 360 views, suspended artwork and beautifully furnished interior, gave attendees an enjoyable experience that extended beyond the sportsmanship of the event.

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