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Wicked 10th Anniversary

Wicked 10th Anniversary

May 2017

Location: Madinat Jumeirah
Structures: Multideck 15x30m
Services Included: AC & Power - Fit-Out and Furniture

In May 2017, Wicked celebrated its 10th anniversary in a style fitting of the innovative, creative and unique standard for which we are known.

Located on Madinat Jumeirah’s Fort Island, a 15x30m multi-deck terrace was built accommodate more than 250 guests, including a U-shaped mezzanine and a second floor for entertainment and games, such as a golf simulator from X-Golf Middle East. The terrace was specially designed to take advantage of the beauty of the surrounding environment, using our brand-new Vista Glass Panel System specifically installed for the occasion. These horizontal windows offered our guests a grander experience, with a 360 view of Fort Island and the iconic Burj al Arab.

Due to other events taking place on Fort Island, there was a very limited timeframe for completion of the structure. In addition, the island has strict weight restrictions and limited access to the usual machinery. But in true Wicked fashion, we soar to meet every challenge in our path. As a result, the terrace was built in just 5 days, thanks in large part to our fantastic operations team consisting of 120 crew members and two site managers, all of whom exerted every effort to complete the project in time.

Our success is inextricably linked to the invaluable support of our partners during this first decade of our journey, and this celebration was a way to communicate our appreciation and gratitude. The event was a roaring success, and our partners, clients, and exclusive guests helped us to commemorate this historic moment in the UAE event industry. May this be the first decade of many!

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