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Our goal in designing MAXIFORM was to offer maximum flexibility, both from an options point of view, and a design perspective, ensuring at the same time that the system maintained optimum degrees of functionality. Therefore, MAXIFORM looks sensational and offers a totally fresh perspective to the temporary structures market.

MAXIFORM has the capability to be deployed in 15m, 20m, 25m and 30m widths and can be expanded in bays of 5m. As standard we offer the product with a double side height of 6.8m, although 3.4m and 4m side heights are also available on request.

It is possible to install a Wicked MULTIDECK system within a 6.8m leg height MAXIFORM, creating a total or partial mezzanine within the structure. Additionally, MULTIDECK accessories such as balconies, hand-railings and staircases are all compatible with the MAXIFORM product.

MAXIFORM utilizes the largest aluminum profile sizes in our range to create maximum clear span widths and structure side heights, whilst retaining the elegant ARCUM roofline and premium features typically associated with a Wicked product.

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