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MINIFORM has been designed to offer our clients a product which sits neatly underneath our Multiform range. Therefore, the same level of quality and variability has been engineered into the system and its accompanying options.

Available in gable widths of 3m, 4m, 6m and 8m and with a bay width of 3m, MINIFORM can be constructed in either A-Frame or Arcum roof styles.

As with our Multiform product, we are able to offer multiple optional accessories, including Soft Walls, ABS Walls, Glass Panels, Double Doors and Cassette Flooring.

Additionally, a variety of internal and external decor options are available for Miniform, courtesy of our internal Decor & Fabrication team.

The Wicked MINIFORM system is a flexible, dynamic and efficient solution when structures of less than 10m in gable width are required.

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