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Neptunus Evolution

Neptunus Evolution

Wicked is proud to introduce to the Middle East, for the first time ever, the Neptunus Evolution. This new and exciting structure is setting the standard for temporary structures worldwide, and offers countless advantages to the Middle East market:


The Evolution, engineered and developed by Neptunus Structures based in Holland, combines state of the art Research & Development and modern technologies to create the most technologically advanced temporary structure in the world. The Neptunus Evolution utilizes an innovative internal space frame system which is completely unique to temporary structures. This system creates an incredibly sturdy and versatile frame, extremely high weight loading capabilities, and an overall system that is surprisingly easy to install.

Furthermore, the Evolution uses a patented and highly innovative synchronized automatic hoist system to raise the structure, which reduces the manpower required, reduces build time, and means that NO CRANES are required for installation.

The Evolution also utilizes a unique and innovative integrated guttering system which allows for maximum water dispersion and a clean finished look.

Quality & Versatility

Quality was paramount when developing the Neptunus Evolution. Each component is expertly manufactured using the highest grade materials and processes. This attention to detail has produced an incredibly sturdy and durable structure that meets all European permanent building codes, not just temporary building codes.

Furthermore, the Evolution’s modular internal spaceframe and unique gable fitting allows the structure to be installed in a vast range of sizes, and an even more versatile range of applications:

Semi-Permanent & Temporary Applications – Exhibition & Conference Halls, Event Venues, Climate Controlled Warehousing, Sports Halls, Supermarkets & Retail Outlets, Airport Terminals, Theaters, Showrooms, Restaurants, and many more!

Insulation & Sustainability

The Neptunus Evolution is one of the best insulated structures in its class. The roof consists of double layered thermo-insulated roof covers, and the non-glass walls are built using insulated polyurethane paneling, both significantly increasing the overall insulative properties of the structure. This improved insulation helps us to reduce the amount of Air Conditioning and power required for operation, thus reducing costs AND reducing the carbon footprint of the structure. As the region puts more and more emphasis on sustainability, this will become an important quality of all temporary structures.

Weight Loads

The space frame roof of the Evolution provides a 5m grid with ample internal rigging points. The rigid construction of this space frame means it can support considerable weight loads throughout the entire structure with no trussing required.

Each hanging point can support a weight load of up to 150kg, equivalent to 1200kg per 5m bay of a 40m width.

The Neptunus Evolution structure uses unique, 2.5m wide horizontal glass panels, allowing for fewer middle supports and better viewing windows.

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