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Saddle Span

Saddle Span

As standard the Wicked SADDLE SPAN is 18m wide, 20m long and covers a surface area of 280sqm when open and up to 500sqm when closed. Alternative sizes are available by special order, including widths of 12m and 30m.

End walls for the saddle span are available, and can be deployed in block-out PVC material with an option of a cassette wall and door system. A single unit can be deployed as a stand alone venue, stage cover or projection surface, or alternatively multiple units can be interconnected using a specially designed ‘joiner’ system. This joiner system allows for connection of two, three, four or five individual units, or by utilizing multiple joiners within one structure a multitude of possibilities exists.

Crafted from aircraft grade aluminium truss, galvanized steel and high-quality coated pvc fabric the saddle span system not only looks spectacular, but also complies to international engineering and safety guidelines.

Wicked first pioneered the SADDLE SPAN system in the middle eastern market back in late 2007. A combination of the systems unique architectural look and modularity, combined with its relative ease and speed of installation led the saddle span to become immediately popular.

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